12 Year Old Gives a Google Tech Talk on JQuery

From the video description: 12 year old Dmitri Gaskin drinks code with his cereal for breakfast every morning. He's a jQuery whiz and a Drupal know-it-all. He contributes patches for both Open Source projects. In the Drupal world, he maintains many modules, is on the security team, and is involved in the upcoming Summer of Code as a mentor and administrator. Dmitri has given many talks on Drupal and jQuery, in such places as Logitech, Drupalcon and live on a radio show out of L.A. When Dmitri isn't coding, a very rare occurrence, he is playing and composing contemporary music. And attending classes in the 6th grade.

Link via rushiv

The video was taken when he was in 6th grade and he is in 8th grade now.  He blogs at dmitrizone and you can find him on twitter and on drupal. According to his twitter Bio he is an award winning composer too!

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