A car that runs on air

Air France and KLM have announced plans to conduct a six-month trial of a new zero-emission, compressed-air powered vehicle. The “AirPod” seats three, can do 28 mph, and goes about 135 miles on a tank of compressed air.

The AirPod was developed by MDI (Motor Development International), under the direction of company founder and CEO Guy Negre. Initially, the vehicle will be manufactured in India by Tata Motors, and distributed in France and India.MDI is a small, family-controlled company located at Carros, near Nice (Southern France) where Mr. Guy Negre and Mr. Cyril Nègre, together with their technical team, have developed a new engine technology with the purpose of economising energy and respect severe ecological requirements – at competitive costs.

MDI has developed various air car models with varying capacity and power. They are the Airpod( 3 seats45km/h), OneFlowAir(3-5 seats,90km/h), MiniFlowAir (3 seats 110km/h), CityFlowAir(3-6 seats,110 km/h) and MultiFlowAir(bus like). Airpod and OneFlowAir  are likely to go into production first.

The advantages of air cars are that unlike electric cars the weight can be less because compressed air tank weighs much less than batteries. Also batteries wear out after a couple of years and disposing them in an environmentally  safe way is tough. Air car will need only very light maintenance. Also unlike a battery powered car which can take a long time to recharge and air car can be filled in 3 minutes from a pre compressed tank. If you have a renewable way of generating compressed air this can very well become the car of the future.

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