Apple iPad Predictions Score: 9.5/12

The one major blooper in the original iPad predictions is the price . I'm shocked!!. 499$ is lower than an unlocked iPhone and even mac mini!!

  1. It will run some form of iPhone OS : True
  2. iPhone apps will run like widgets occupying only part of the screen. Unlike iPhone, there will be multitasking: True. The apps can also go fullscreen. Looks like it can multitask. Not sure
  3. It will not be using e-ink. Instead the screen will be a conventional LCD with full color support. True. LCD is IPS panel which gives better viewing angles
  4. The battery will be non-removable. Apple will make bold claims about battery life :): True. Built in battery. Apple claims up to 10hrs of battery life.
  5. A major focus will be on consuming content like books and newspapers. Expect an app store where you will be able to buy books or subscribe to newspapers. True. Apple introduces iBook store
  6. Tablet will of course have and will come with 3G support most likely on Verizon. Free usage is unlikely and if offered will be limited to books and newspapers: Half True. 3G support is optional and official 3G partner is AT&T. It is unlocked. So you can ofcourse user a Verizon 3G card
  7. The UI will be similar to Palm webOS cards: Note sure. Need to see if it can multitask.multitasking apps might behave like webos was my guess
  8. It will be called iCanvas or iPad: True. Horrible name. iCanvas would have been much better
  9. Will be using a customized CPU based on an ARM core developed by PA Semi, the company Apple acquired. True. Powered by 1GHz Apple A-4.
  10. Will be priced at 999$: Horribly wrong. Just 499$. Price is lower than an unlocked iPhone. Carlo Gandolfi predicted it exactly.
  11. There will be no hardware keyboard but you should be able to use an external keyboard and mouse: True
  12. Might come with an optional iMac like stand which doubles up as a charging dock. This stand will also have support for peripherals like external keyboard: True. Though not iMac like, a keyboard + charging dock is an optional accessory
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