BSNL Broadband (DataOne) Installation

After much thought I decided to choose BSNL instead of Airtel for broadband. Since I'm a heavy internet user I opted for the unlimited 256kbps plan (HOME UL 900 plus) which comes with a rent free phone.Monthly tariff is 900 Rs + 100 Rs as modem rental if you are renting the modem.

  1. I did not apply online but instead filled up the necessary application at the nearest BSNL office(Royapettah, Chennai)
  2. The total amount to be paid came to Rs. 2681
    • 1000 - Security Deposit for the phone (Refundable)
    • 900 - Security Deposit for the broadband connection (advance rental)
    • 500 - Security Deposit for the phone
    • 250 - Installation charges
    • 31 - Service Tax + Surcharge

  3. The phone was installed the very next day but for the broadband connection I had to wait for more than a week and had to make several calls to their support centre.
  4. BSNL broadband connection comes with a router+modem (SmartAX MT882) which has been preconfigured at the exchange and comes with one ethernet port and one USB por
  5. To configure your BSNL broadband connection in Windows XP go to
    All Programs -> Accessories -> Communications -> Network Connections
  6. Right click the Local Area Connection and select Properties
  7. Select (Internet Protocol (TCP/IP). Make sure it is checked and click Properties
  8. Fill in
    • IP address
    • Subnet Mask -
    • Default Gateway -
    • Preferred DNS Server - 192.168.1.
  9. Reboot
  10. Enjoy broadband :).
  11. The settings for the router can be changed by opening the web admin interface. To access the interface open your browser and in the URL field type
    The default username and password is admin

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