Chrome For Mac: Going Strong!

I recently started using Chrome for Mac as my secondary browser on Mac. It runs mostly JavaScript heavy web applications like GMail (I have 3 accounts) and Google Wave. In my 2 weeks of usage, thr browser has crashed just once while I have had to restart Firefox for excessive CPU utilization at least once every 2 days. The only thing keeping me on Firefox for general browsing  is Flashblock. Flash on mac is a piece of crap and frequently causes high CPU utilization resulting in my macbook running hot.

Earlier, I used to await each chrome release impatiently because there were so many unfinished features and the builds were not stable. Now I'm finding that, since the current build serves my needs reasonably well, I no longer have the urge to download the latest and the greatest :).

I've switched to Chrome Dev Channel from nightly builds as they are much more stable and more importantly auto-updates. No more manual download and install!!. The current build is The most notable new feature is about:memory


Please take the results with a pinch of salt. The values shown should be used only for comparative purposes since it is not very accurate. Unfortunately this state of affairs might continue for a while as Mac OS X, does not provide a good way to accurately measure memory usage of processes.

According to Google, Chrome for Mac can be expected to ship before the end of the year. Firefox 3.6 is also scheduled to be released soon and Camino has a big update recently. The browser wars are heating up!

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