Chrome for Mac Updated: First Cut of Omnibox

Google Chrome for Mac OS X is improving by leaps and bounds. Rev 13759 brings to you the first cut of omnibox.  On typing into the address bar, you get autocomplete results from your history, google suggest,  as well a choice to execute the search on google. If you type a word/phrase  into the address bar and press enter a google query with the word/phrase is done.

Opening of  new tabs via Right Click select and Middle click on links is now stable and this feature makes chromium a useful browser for me. When I do google searches I tend to open tons of tabs and close most of them in a very short span of time. On Firefox this may lead to a  increase in memory usage. Since starting up Chrome is instantaneous, I now find myself firing up Chrome just to do google searches.

All revision builds made by me and comments can always be found on the dedicated Google Chrome Mac Builds page on this site. You will need an Intel Mac running Leopard to run Chrome

Download Chromium Revision 13759: ZIP DMG

Chrome Mac : Omnibox

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