Core Animation Support Coming to Mac Chrome

Chrome Engineer Mike Pinkerton has tweeted that he is working on Core Animation Support for Mac Chrome. This is a very important development in light of the information which Adobe has released about the upcoming Core Animation support in Flash for OS X. Core Animation support in Flash Player 10.1 brings some incredible performance improvements to Flash for Mac. According to Adobe Chief Technology Officer Kevin Lynch

In Flash Player 10.1 we are moving to CoreAnimation, which will further reduce CPU usage and we believe will get us to the point where Mac will be faster than Windows for graphics rendering. With Flash Player 10.1, we are optimizing video rendering further on the Mac and expect to reduce CPU usage by half, bringing Mac and Windows closer to parity for video.

Currently Safari is the only browser which supports Core Animation on Mac. For more details on Core Animation support for Flash, read this detailed blog post by Flash Engineer by Tinic Uro. One interesting tidbit is that the support for Core Animation was a joint effort between Apple and Adobe engineers.

Flash is the bane for those of us using Mac Chrome. The end may be in sight. According to the Adobe CTO

As I've been using the Chrome beta it appears to be throwing errors in hosting Flash content a few times a week now and if you are using this browser on the Mac you are likely also seeing this problem -- Chrome is in *beta*. There are issues in the hosting code that is used to run Flash (and other plug-ins), and we are working directly with the Chrome team to help address these.
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