Cuil - A disappointment

Cuil which has been hyped as a potential threat to google launched today. Since it received wide spread coverage and since Cuil itself made bold claims of being better and bigger than google I was quite eager to test it out. But for all the queries I ran google returned better results faster. And for a relatively easy query like "macbook replace ram" quil had no results to show in the morning while all of googles results were relevant including a link to youtube video and the first link which was to apple documentation. By evening Cuil started returning some results for the query but they were completely useless. It has been a huge disappointment. I don't think I will use Cuil again unless google quality deteriorates. It has been a huge disappointment. I would have given them a second chance had they hyped less !. Also Cuil's servers are down right now unable to handle the load.!!

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