Detach a process from shell

If you want to detach a process from the shell, ie close the terminal/shell or logout but not close the applications/processes started from the shell you can

  1. use disown

    firefox & disown

  2. use nohup

    nohup firefox &

  3. Use GNU Screen

  4. Screen is the most underrated linux application out there.Screen has so many features that I'm going to list the bare essentials
    • run screen
    • start the application ex a compile process
    • C-a and then C-d.That means first press Ctrl and a keys together and then Ctrl and d keys together.Screen is now detached.You can safely close the terminal/shell.
    • Run screen -r
      This will resume the screen session

    If all this does not make much sense you are not alone.At first it didnt make much sesne to me either .Just start using screen.You will love it.

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