Digital Map Sites For India

  1. MapMyIndia
    MapMyIndia has released a beta version which is comparable to the functionality offered by Google or Yahoo for US.
    • Local Search
    • Driving Directions
    • Elocation (Haven't tested this )
    • Easy to use.Interface is similar to Google Maps. A slider on the left for zooming, search box, draggable interface and Ajax.
    • Good coverage (They are backed by a GIS company CE Info Systems)
    • Special brownie points for giving the page link without reloading. Even google doesn't do this. !
    • Driving directions are not very accurate
    • Local Search needs to be beefed up ( Ex. In chennai, they do not list the residency group of hotels. A search of shopping malls in chennai did not turn up Spencer Plaza.No luck with refining the search to anna salai and mount road)
    • It does not look as clean as Google Maps.

    Amit Ranjan of webyantra has done a more comprehensive review

  2. OnYoMo
    If others have gone from maps to local search, OnYoMo has taken the opposite route.I do not know how good their local search is since they haven't started offering it in Chennai. But I did a sample search for Thai Restaurant in Bangalore and the first result was Shiok; the restaurant run by Restaurateur/Blogger Madman
    • Seems to have the best street level data(for chennai at least)
    • Better Local Search
    • Limted availability of Local Search (Delhi and Bangalore Only)
    • No zoom facility on the maps embedded in local search
    • The zoom slider does not work smoothly in Firefox
    • No driving instructions
    • Search algo needs to be improved: The search term "royapettah,chennai" gives the map for "rayagada" but if you search just for "royapettah" it works !

  3. VirtualIndia
    Less said the better.
    • Backed by Microsoft Research. They have a 7 Bilion Dollar budget. How much of that pie does the indian arm share is not known.
    • Localization. Available in 3 Indian languages (Hindi, Kannada, Tamil)
    • Bad UI: Instead of usual click+drag microsoft has implemented click and drag. If you click the map, the mouse becomes sticky. The map follows your mouse movements.(In Firefox)
    • The coverage is pathetic (Checked chennai)
    • No Driving Instructions
    • No Local Search
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