Firefox Woes

My Firefox hung when i started it today.
I knew what was causing the problem.The switchproxy extension.

Last time this happened I had wasted hours trying to track down what exactly was causing the problem.I had deleted the profile and reinstalled Firefox and installed all my extensions one by one to track down the problem.Only after I finished this painful exercise did I come to know that Firefox has a safe mode which disables all extensions and themes on startup.

~/bin/firefox/bin/firefox --safe-mode
started firefox in safe mode.I uninstalled switchproxy and things were fine.And as a nice side effect firefox was faster too.A quick google search revealed that I was not alone.Switchproxy checks its homepage for updates.If the homepage ( is down (which it was) Firefox hangs.ahhh..

The solution is to disable the checking for updates option in switchproxy preferences.But how am I going change the preferences if Firefox hangs when it starts!.When started in safe mode Firefox doesn't allow you to change an extension's preferences.But I did find a solution..A long-winded one..but it works.

  1. Install switchproxy.
  2. After download completes disable the extension by right clicking and selecting disable.
  3. Restart Firefox
  4. In switchproxy preferences uncheck "Notify me of updates option"
  5. Restart Firefox
As you would have probably guessed I really do need switchproxy :).Probably rejecting all requests to through iptables might have been enough.

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