Flash Has Finally Arrived on Google Chrome for Mac

Google chrome for Mac finally has the capability to show flash content. Currently it is in a very rough state and hence not enabled by default. Flash videos that auto play should play(youtube will work)  but mouse events are not captured and hence you can't pause the video or drag the slider.

To view flash on Mac Chrome

  1. Download a recent build of Mac Chrome
  2. Extract the file, which should give you chrome-mac folder.
  3. Assuming you have placed the download in the downloads folder type this command in Terminal
    ~/Downloads/chrome-mac/ --enable-plugins
    Don't forget the ~ (tilda) at the beginning. Adjust the path according to where you have placed the chrome-mac folder.
  4. Enjoy a youtube video

Youtube on Mac Chrome

There is a reason, this is not enabled by default. The feature is quite unstable and clicking on the video is a sure way to crash your chrome. And once the plugin/tab crashes you might have to go to Activity Monitor to Force Quit the offending chrome processes. Keep in mind that quitting the chrome browser is not enough to kill the offending processes. So always check your Activity Monitor for any run-away, cpu-eating chromium processes if you enable flash.

Crashed Chrome Processes

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