Google Chrome: Mac and Linux Dev Channel Builds Available

Google has officially released builds for Mac and Linux into the dev channel. The builds for these platforms were available for quite some time but now it has been updated to "Dev Channel" Status. The blog post announcing the release warns that the build is quite incomplete and not to download them unless you are a developer. Chrome for mac is indeed quite incomplete right now with lots of missing feature the most glaring of which are lack of flash, lack of working bookmarks bar and lack of printing. So the big question facing the Mac Chrome enthusiasts is whether you should use the Dev Channel build or stick with Chrome builds. My advice: Stick with daily builds. The reason is that the dev channel builds bring nothing new to the table but misses out on newly incorporated features.

Chrome Daily Build

Chrome Dev Channel

The Chrome daily build version 17426 was posted on June 2nd. The Dev channel was released today. You can see that the dev channel has an earlier version of the javascript engine V8 ( and the browser version (3.0.182). For a production ready browser such minor differences mean nothing. But for a rapidly evolving browser like Chrome it can mean that you are missing out on some features. Also google has not said how often they will update the Dev build. If the update interval is too long then you are missing out on quite a lot of improvements. Also there is no indication as to which whether an auto update mechanism been added to the Dev Channel. If there is no auto-update there is no reason whatsoever to stick with the dev channel. The dev-channel build auto updates weekly, so if you don't want the hassle of downloading the build weekly, you can go for the dev channel build. If you absolutely want to have the latest, go for the daily builds

I have a strong suspicion that Google released it to Dev channel to quiet the people who have been clamouring for a release. The lead Chrome Mac developer Mike Pinkerton wrote a blog post on people expressing disappointment on the non release of the Mac Port. He sounded a little anguished :)

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