Download Native Google Chrome For Mac OS X

Google Chrome can now be built and used natively on Mac OS X. While it is far from stable and ready for daily use, it is stable enough for the Chrome Developers to use it to dogfood basic browser functionality. Chrome on mac works similar to the one on windows, with one process spawned per tab, which you can monitor using Activity Monitor. It also adheres to the Mac design principles with the menu bar on top unlike its windows cousin. Chrome hasn't lost any of its speed in its port to OS X. A cold start is blindingly fast and web sites load quickly. On SunSpider benchmark the latest chrome build is far ahead of Firefox 3.0 and slightly ahead of Safari 4 Beta. It also beats the latest Firefox 3.1 Beta 3 scores on windows. Finally Firefox and Safari has some real competition on OS X. Opera never caught the fancy of web developers, but chrome has generated tremendous interest among mac users and is poised to capture some market share when it is polished and ready.

If you want to take Chrome for Mac for a spin you can download (old version OR new versions) the application I have compiled. You need an Intel Mac running Mac OS X 10.5 (“Leopard”). I plan to update it once every week or  if a new update is published to the mac status page.. You can follow techsutra on twitter to get updated when new build are available.

SunSpider Benchmark Scores

What Works

What Doesn't Work

Screenshots Gmail on Google Chrome for Mac OS X Native Google Chrome Mac OS X New Tab: Google Chrome Mac

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