Google Chrome OS Tablet

Hot on the heels of iPad announcement, Google has released visual concepts of Chrome OS running on a tablet PC. During the mania around the iPad announcement, a few had noted the similarities between the iPad philosophy and Chrome OS. A limited platform aimed at simplifying the computing experience of the masses and positioned as a companion device to an existing laptop/desktop.

Unlike Apple, Google still hasn't decided on the exact user interface for the Chrome OS Tablet. The possibilities are

Google has also released a video which shows the Chrome OS in action (via neowin). The video shows the OS running in a device much larger than a tablet - something like Microsoft surface

There are significant differences between iPad and Chrome OS. In fact the only similarity between them would be the  market they are trying to address. While iPad has the entire App Store ecosystem behind it, Chrome OS has only web applications to depend on. And a lot of these web applications will work perfectly fine on iPad too. Even a price advantage in Chrome Tablet's favour is unlikely as iPad has been priced aggressively. So it seems Chrome OS is starting out with severe disadvantages. It will be interesting to see  how this plays out.

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