Google Exapnds Advertising To Finance and News

Google is fast introducing/expanding advertising in its various properties. First it was search ads in YouTube. Today it has announced that it will introduced advertising in Google Finance and News searches. Both are now live. Google still hasn't introduced advertising in the main Google News portal as it is on legally grey territory there. When you do a search on and then click on the "news" tab, you might start seeing ads now.

Techcrunch calculates that online advertising growth is flat. It might even shrink. Even in a shrinking market if Google manages to grab a bigger share it can prevent a reduction in revenues. It might even be possible to grow the revenues. Bringing advertising into new properties is one way to grow your share of the pie. With the news that Hulu might catchup or even surpass YouTube revenues with a fraction of its viewers, we might see even more ad formats coming to YouTube.

In the "Owner's Manual" given to investors prior to its IPO Google had said that it will keep the long term interests of the company in mind while taking decisions and that may not in the short term interests of the company or investors.

If opportunities arise that might cause us to sacrifice short term results but are in the best long term interest of our shareholders, we will take those opportunities. We will have the fortitude to do this. We would request that our shareholders take the long term view.

Apparently Google has cut perks. There are rumours that there is a hiring freeze. In the face of flagging revenue growth will Google be able to stay true to its motto "Don't be Evil" ? I think they will.

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