Google Quick Search Box(QSB) Plugins List

Google Quick Search Box(QSB) can do a lot of things: You can control iTunes, launch applications, search the web,  search specific websites, search Google docs,tweet!, search contacts, search safari bookmarks, search files  etc. If there was something you felt QSB couldn't do take a look at these plugins and see if it satisfies your needs :)

  1. Search your delicious bookmarks : You can search for any of your Delicious bookmarks by name. Also allows search by tags
  2. Search Firefox Bookmarks:  Indexes all Firefox bookmarks and converts keyword search bookmarks (with "%s" in the URL string) to searchable shortcuts in QSB
  3. Shell Scripts:  Allows you to execute shell script files in the background or in the Terminal. Allows the same options for text snippets -- activate QSB and type a space to enter text entry mode.
  4. Applescripts: Like the shell script plugin, this allows you to launch Applescript files and text snippets.
  5. Smart Folders: Enable access to your Smart Folders/Saved Searches
  6. Hit List: Send items to The Hit List
  7. Remember The Milk: Send items to Remember The Milk
  8. Things:  Add tasks directly from QSB to Things
  9. Keychain Plugin: This adds basic support for keychain operations, including copying of username and password to the clipboard.
  10. iTunesNotifier: Plugin to display iTunes track change notifications in Google QSB
  11. Finder Sidebar: Enable access to items in your Finder sidebar.
  12. Monocle: Enable access to your Monocle search engines.
  13. Dock Items: Enable access to items in your Dock.
  14. FastScripts: Enable access to the scripts in the FastScripts menu.
  15. Services: Enable access to the Services menu.
  16. QuickSnippets: Provides text snippets feature along with searching snippets, copying to clipboard, and paste. More...
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