ICICI : Rudest TeleMarketers

Since I do not have a personal blog, I'm posting this here, though this blog was meant only for tech articles.

I was unfortunate enough to give ICICI my phone number as I had wanted to open a current account (That is a long story by itself). So now, I get smses and telemarketing calls. Today's was the rudest.

Me: Hello ICICI: Good Morning. I'm calling from ICICI Bank. We are conducting a survey. Are you married or unmarried.

First they disturb me when I'm working.Then they do not even ask whether I want to participate in their goddamn survey.Next they assume I want to give out my personal details to some random person.

Me: I do not want to participate in the survey. ICICI: You can't participate. You are not eligible. You are unmarried right ?

What the f**k !!

Me: Then why did you call me ? ICICI: (Bangs the phone down. ) Me: ( Now royally pissed off )

The phone no: from which the call originated was 044-26221503. ICICI tele marketers do not even seem to have heard about courteousness.

What can be done about this? Do the Do Not Call lists actually work ?

And please share you stories about the worst tele marketing calls you have been forced to endure.

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