Mac Chrome Gets A Bookmark Manager & Other Goodies

After a long wait, googlers have finally given the mac chrome users a bookmark manager. To see it in action you need the latest google chrome dev channel version ( You can launch the bookmark manager by right clicking a folder in the bookmark bar or from the menu. (Bookmarks -> Bookmark Manager)

This is just an initial version of the bookmark manager and hence the functionality is very limited. For now you can

At this point the url field is not editable and new bookmarks cannot be created from the manager. But the functionality which is available now seems sufficient to manage a small bookmarks collection.

Chrome also got a new Cookie Manager in this release. Preferences -> Under The hood -> Show cookies and website permissions. You can view cookies, edit their names or delete them.

Google needs to tackle the abysmal performance of  flash on mac chrome next. Loading a flash movie will send my macbook fans screaming with the CPU temperature steadily climbing. Mac chrome also needs a "tasks manager" to find and kill those resource hungry pages and plugins. Mac chrome was terribly resource hungry without a flash blocker and this is probably why there are many flash blockers in the chrome extensions gallery.  If you have not chosen a one  until now, you can try my flash blocker for chrome.

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