Mac Chrome Gets Task Manager

Mac chrome development has picked up steam after the holidays and Google has pushed out another dev-channel update - version 4.0.302.2. This update brings with it a brand new Task Manager, several bug fixes and a more capable Bookmark manager. Among the several bug fixes the most important is the “Zombie” fix. Chrome forks off a process each time you open a web page. When you close the page, this processes are supposed to be killed. But until now instead of dying these processes became zombies, staying in the background. (zombies is the actual technical term for this behaviour :)  ). If you let chrome run long enough, this used to cause various problems because there is a limit to the number of processes a user can run.
Task Manager can be found at View -> Developer -> Task Manager. It  is a welcome addition to  find out the resource hungry plugins and sites. Flash is the main villain here sucking up CPU like a python gulping down a meal. Viewing a video on youtube causes the flash plugin to use more than 100% CPU. In multi core machines each CPU is counted separately as 100%which is why the overall usage can be more than 100%. In a dual core machine, 200% utilization is the maximum possible.
End process works and the flash plugin was showed no mercy :). Earlier when I needed to kill flash processes it was a trial and error game using Activity Monitor trying to find the process corresponding to Flash Plugin because all  chrome processes except the main browser are named Google Chrome Helper. The stats for nerds opens the about:memory page
Bookmark Manager has received severe new feature. Bookmarks are now searchable, there is a  context menu (right click) available on folders and bookmark URLs are now editable.
This is a significant update with several welcome changes and if you are using mac chrome, update soon. Chrome dev channel automatically updates  but if you want to manually check and update, open Chrome -> About Chrome.
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