MacBook Pro 13" Unibody Teardown by iFixit

The wonderful folks at iFixit has done it again. Another teardown. The Macbook 13" unibody which was crowned "Pro" at WWDC has been taken apart. The good news is that RAM and Hard Drive are user replaceable and does not violate the warranty. The new Macbook Pro has a non replaceable battery, an SD card slot, firewire and the digital/mic port has been removed.  Though apple claims that the battery is not user replaceable it mostly means that battery cannot be removed without a screwdriver. (if you replace the battery with a third part one, you might void your warranty . Not sure about that). The battery replacement service from apple for Macbook 13" will set you back by $129 including the battery.To replace the RAM or Hard Drive you will need to remove the battery first. Here is the completely torn down Macbook Pro in all its glory

Torn Down Macbook Pro 13" Unibody

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