mplayer tricks

mplayer is a must have media player.
I mostly watch movies with subtitles.Now if you want
to place the subtitles in the black bar below here is the command.

mplayer -vf expand=0:-50:0:0 movie.avi
Sometimes the subtitles you download from net are not synced.You can increase/decrease subtitle delay using the x and z keys or use the -subdelay option
mplayer -subdelay -11 movie.avi
Now here's the fun part.You are tired of manually specifying the delay each time.What to do ? -dumpsrtsub comes to the rescue.Identify the correct delay(say -11 seconds) and do this
mplayer -subdelay -11 -dumpsrtsub movie.avi
You will find a in the folder.Enjoy :)

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