Palm Pre Guide - Service Plans and Device Details

Since the Sprint Internal Palm Pre  Launch Guide has been leaked, [pdf] quite a lot of information about Palm Pre which have been speculated upon has been confirmed.

Palm Pre

Release Date and Carriers

Palm Pre will be released on June 6th exclusively with Sprint in US. In Canada Pre is scheduled to arrive in the second half of 2009. The phone will debut exclusively on Bell Mobility’s 3G high-speed mobile network. No other regions have a confirmed launch now.


199$ after a 100$ rebate for a 2 year service plan . Available from Sprint Stores as well as Best Buy. Sprint has a mail in rebate  while bestbuy has an instant rebate. But rumours has it that bestbuy is going to have only 4 phones per store.

Service Plans

There are myriad of service plans available. The unlimited data and voice plan costs 100$ per month. The equivalent plan in AT&T for iPhone costs 150$. For 450 voice minutes and unlimited data it is going to be 70$ per month and for 900 voice minutes it will be 90$ per month. More service plan details are available at Inside Sprint Now [unofficial blog]. You need to shift to one of the approved plans even if you are an existing customer. Also you cannot have a voice only plan with pre.

Device and OS Details

WebOS Applications Available

WebOS is the name of the OS that runs on Pre. It is the successor of the Palm OS used in other Palm devices but is completely different and is based on linux. Beyond the operating system, WebOS includes a number of core applications: contacts, calendar, tasks, memos, phone, browser, email and messaging. Other applications are included in the initial release, such as a camera, photo viewer, audio/video player and map application powered by google maps.

Engadget got hold of a Sprint-sourced page out of a Pre slide deck entitled "The Pre Application Story" lists a series of "showcase apps" that the carrier thinks  will be available at (or near) the phone's launch. They are

Pandora, Electronic Arts, SGN, Craig's List, Sling Media, DirectTV, Facebook, MySpace,, Loopt, Twitter, City Search, Zagat, Fandango,, Lonely Planet, FlightView, NYTimes, AP Mobile, ESPN, Handmark Stocks, Bank of America, Intuit, Epocrates, WebMD,, Austin Lane, DataViz, Mark/Space

Old Palm Applications

What about the palm applications you have bought over the years? Will you have leave it behind if you migrate to Pre.? Thankfully No. Palm has promised that old applications on WebOS  using an emulator called "Classic".

Synergy & Layered View

Palm Pre will aggregate all related information into one view. This is called synergy. So in the calendar application you can merge together your Google and Outlook calendars. Also in contacts if a person appears both in your outlook contacts and gmail contacts both will be merged into one contact and will be shown in what Palm calls a "layered view"  i.e you can see multiple data sources in one view. This merging happens only at Pre and does not modify the original data source i.e your outlook and gmail contact lists are not modified.

More Sites About Pre

Palm Touchstone Charging  Dock

Touchstone Dock, is a wireless charging dock. Place the Pre on the  Touchstone,  and magnets quickly align it in the correct charging position. You can use the phone will it is charging to make calls or use any of the applications. It is sold as an extra for 70$.

Palm Pre Touchstone Charging Dock


You need to set up a Palm profile, the first time pre is used. After that Pre  automatically backs up device preferences,  account settings and applications and this is linked to your palm profile.  Account data is not  backed up. So if you have an email account all your email preferences will be backed up, but the actual emails are not backed up.

USB Mode

The Phone can be used as USB storage device (like a USB thumbdrive). But you won't be able to make or receive any calls duing this period. All your incoming calls will be routed to voicemail.


Cards is way to manage multiple applications (multitasking).Each application is a card. In the card view, you can flip through different applications and select  the application you want. Once you select an app (or when you first launch an app), it will occupy the full screen.

Palm Pre Card View

Once you using an application, you can click the center button to go back the the card view. To close an application in the card view, just flick its card towards the top.

Ring Tone & Sending Pictures

You can have any music saved on your phone as ring tone. Also Palm Pre supports real MMS, so sending pictures is not a problem.

Remote Wipe/Kill

If you lose your Pre you can do a "remote wipe"  to protect you from data theft. You can simply log onto their Palm Profile webpage and initiate a ‘remote erase’ command  to their Pre.

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