Plagiarism by

Take a look at the FAQ pages of and, especially Question No. 2 under Troubleshooting. Someone should be fired for such blatant plagiarism. And for this reason I think that, that someone is at

UPDATE: Yatra is the guilty one. In their FAQ Question No. 5 under Registration states that to change your account information you need to

Sign in to your Yatra Account. Thereafter go through each tab and update the necessary account information. Click on the save button. Your account information will be updated.
This is simply false. After signing in to yatra there is no way to change account info and I can see no tabs !!. Yatra, when you copy atleast delete the parts which doesn't apply to your site !! ( account details can be edited just the way it has been described in the FAQ).

Screenshots (Just in case if any of the sites replace the pages)



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