Poor SEO and Usability Of Two Indian Websites

While some companies go to great lengths about the user experience there are others who just do no get it.

Culprit I: Gateway Hotels

Gateway Hotels is a brand launched by Indian Hotels (of the Taj Hotels fames) which is positioned between the Ginger(economy) and Taj(Luxury) brands.  Rahul Bose is the brand ambassodor. Suppose you want to find out the website of this hotel to make a booking. Go ahead and do some searches in Google. A search by any combination of facts that you know about the hotel like "Gateway Hotels, Indian Hotels", "Gateway Hotels, Taj", "Gateway Hotel, Rahul Bose" or "Gateway Hotel locations"  is not going to lead you to the official website Take a look at the source.

In short almost  every SEO rule that can be violated has been violated.

Culprit II: Airtel Broadband

I wanted to pay my airtel broadband bill online. Ealier you had to register offline for this facility which is not required anymore. A simple google search of "airtel broadband online payment". WOuld that yield the correct website/URL ? No. For that you first need to go to -> Broadband & Internet -> Payment Options -> Online Payment. There you will see the option to register at Self Care Online which is at the URL Now take a look at that page.

If their frontend is so shabby, I wonder how their backend will be ? Will the credit card numbers be safe ? These are legitimate concerns. It is much easier to make a page look pretty and userfriendly than to secure credit card numbers. And this is not the first time that such an experience with airtel has sowed the seeds of doubt in the minds of the consumers.

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