Protect Yourself on facebook : Beware of phishing scams

Facebook has been hit by a lot of phishing scams recently. If you received any emails  from your friends with links to websites like "" or "", it means that, your friend just fell prey to a phishing scam.So what is a phishing?  Phishing websites masquerade as real websites (in this case facebook) and ask you to login. If you enter your login details in the phishing site, your login details will be stolen. Phishing is usually targeted at bank websites but it seems facebook is also a popular target.

What can you do to protect yourself ?

What to do if you/friend fell prey to a phishing scam?

Despite precautions if you or you fell prey to a phishing scam change your password on facebook immediately. If there are other sites where you have used the same password, change the passwords there also. The phisher might have used your login credentials to send phishing emails from your account. So inform your friends that they might have received bogus emails from you.

If you receieve a phishing email from a friend, it means that your friend's account has been compromised. Inform him immeditaley and ask him to follow the above steps.

Since a lot of phishing scams, try to deliver malware/virus to your computer, it ia  good idea to scan your computer using an anti-virus after you open a phishing site.

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