Rediff Platform Is Dead

More than three months after announcing the Rediff platform and ripping off the facebook platform documentation, Rediff platform is nowhere to be seen. No announcements, No APIs and certainly No Applications. Besides ripping off the facebook's work rediff has so far shown us nothing else.

For further proof that rediff has completely plagiarised the facebook platform, take a look at the image shown on the getting started page of rediff documentation. In the 2nd image which is titled "New application Setup" the last option is  "Render Page as". And one of  options given is "FBML" which is Facebook Markup Language which Rediff has conveniently changed to RBML in the rest of the documentation.This image is undoubtedly from a screenshot of the facebook platform. I'm uploading a screenshot of the rediff page in case rediff wisens up and removes the image

Proof of Plagiarism by Rediff

I had initiatially suspected that Rediff has just cloned the APIs and the copied the documentation. But since even the image is of the facebook platform I think it is safe to assume to that Rediff did not have (and still may not have) a development platform  at the time of announcement.   SHAME on you Rediff!!.

Also the incentive program page that rediff announced is still on the site without any modifications. Interesting to note that, rediff asserts that "terms and conditions" apply to the incentive program but there is no way to find what exactly those terms and conditions are.

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