Rediff rips off facebook

Rediff has completely ripped off facebook devloper platform from naming of API to documentation. FBML becomes RBML, FQL becomes RQL. You can compare the documentation of FQL & RQL below.

Forget innovation, rediff can't be even bothered to write their own documentation. Right now, there are no appplications which rediff has showcased. All they have is the ripped off documentation and a "get in touch" form which asks you for your application ideas. The form says "Terms and conditions" apply but no where can I find the terms and conditions. This has to be the most ridiculous and shameless platform launch ever!

Update: I had completely forgotten that facebook had open sourced their platform until I was alerted to it by a comment on webyantra post on this.Looking at the license used by facebook it required 1. attribution and 2. distribution of any modifications under the same license. If rediff is using the facebook platform, which is very likely coming to think of it would rebranding [ripping off] be a license violation ?

Nilesh on webyantra says

It is all right. From what I hear, it was a rushed off release they had to do with Proto launch. And their objective has been to stay close to facebook and opensocial development frameworks so I think it is all right. Even better for developers that the learning curve may be easy and they can get to productive work quite fast.
My response:

It would have been “all right” if they gave attribution to facebook. Ripping off even documentation without attribution is definitely not “all right”. You say it was a rushed release. But what have they released ?????. There is not a single application and the API is also not available right now. An announcement doesn’t count as a release. And no matter however rushed it was attribution is something that takes hardly any time.

And secondly you can’t stay close to both opensocial and facebook development platforms. One is primarily a server side platform [facebook] and the other is client side implemented in javascript. Though both are converging towards having both server side and client side capabilities, right now they are vastly different.

And if they wanted to be close to opensocial, they could have done that legally and openly. Here is the list of partners implementing opensocial.

And how is the developers life going to be easy if rediff if not forthcoming about the similarities between its platform and facebook’s ?. For a developer who has no experience with facebook’s platform rediff’s platform will look like yet another platform. So I think this has got to do with making rediff’s life easier by taking shortcuts and them trying to score some bragging points with having a deveoper platform.

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