Run SQLyog On Mac OS X Using Wine

SQLyog is the best database management tool I have ever used. It supports only MySQL and is officially supported only on Windows. Though there is nothing we can do about the database support, we can run SQLYog on Linux and OS X through Wine.  Wine is an Open Source implementation of the Windows API on top of X, OpenGL and Unix. It can be used to run several windows applications but in this post we will focus on SQLyog

  1. Download and install XQuartz which is an implementation of X11 for OS X. The latest stable release is 2.3.0. You can check the releases page for the latest packages.
  2. Download and install Wine for OS X from The current stable release 1.0.1. The dmg has two applications Darwine and Trix. Darwine is the OS X version of wine and TRiX is an OS X frontend to Dan Kegels winetricks. It helps to install Fonts, Libraries and Runtimes. If you encounter any problems with this version of darwine you can also download darwine from
  3. If Trix is installed use it to install everything just to be safe. This might take a long time and it requires and active internet connection. Have a coffe break :).
  4. After Trix is done, download SQLyog Community Edition Installer currently at version 7.13. Save it to Desktop. Double click the installer to start installation.
  5. I have created a mini application which will open SQLyog assuming you have done a standard installation. If you don't want to use the app, you can use the Terminal to start the application. Open Terminal and type "open ~/.wine/drive_c/Program\ Files/SQLyog\ Community/SQLyog.exe" without quotes. Terminal can be found in Applications/Utlities.
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