Shovebox Review

Shovebox for Mac, is an unobtrusive menubar app which acts a collection bin for snippets of text, webpages and iSight images. Evernote is the giant in this space but after using evernote for some time I realized that the effort required to use evernote effectively was more than what I was willing to spend. With evernote there was always a little hesitation before saving something and I would ask myself whether the effort would be worth it. I was too lazy :)

Shovebox enables my laziness. Saving items are so easy that I do not think twice about doing it. Saving a webpage is as simple as dragging the URL to the menubar icon. Shovebox saves webpages in an archive format with the styling and images intact. In browsers where it is not possible to drag the URL like Mac Chrome, you can copy the URL into clipboard and then use the import clipboard function.

Shovebox offers some basic organizing capabilities. Snippets can be placed into folders. Folders can be only one level deep so this works more like categories.  Labels are also limited. You can edit the names but you are limited to just 7. But I have no problems with that because I don't feel the need to tag and label every piece of content.  Shovebox also comes with an integrated search which searches the entire contents of snippets and this is my preferred way to retrieve information.

The biggest downside of shovebox vis a vis evernote is that your data resides only in your computer. With evernote it gets synced to evernote servers and is accessible in multiple ways. But I'm willing to overlook that because shovebox takes the friction out of saving snippets of information and suites my work flow better. If you need the shovebox content to be synced to your iPhone, shovebox also comes in an iPhone avatar.

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