Stop Spamming Me Picsquare!

Edit: Picsquare has worked with me to resolve this and the word is that they will improve on this experience. I'm glad that they responded fast to the complaint and is willing to listen to customers.

Nothing annoys me more than unsolicited emails. A lot of websites trick you into subscribing for their email newsletters while signing up by leaving the "Subscribe to our newletter" checkbox checked by default. I take care to uncheck these before signing up for any service. But picsquare goes one step further. There is no checkbox and if you agree to the  Terms and Conditions you are automatically subscribed to the newsletter. Here is the relevant portion:

Picsquare intents to send you updates and promotional offers via email. You are not required to be subscribed to our mailing list and you may opt-out of this list at any time.

This is the first time I have seen a company sneaking in an email subscription into terms and conditions. I could live with this if they had just compiled with my unsubscribe request. But that was not the case. Even after two unsubscribe requests, picsqaure hasn't stopped sending their stupid promotional offers.

Earlier their mails at least used to include unsubscribe information (which didn't work). But possibly because they have no intention of letting you off their newsletter the new promotional emails contain no unsubscribe information whatsoever!.

I have decided to mark all emails from picsquare as spam. If you decide not to give a choice to customers while signing up at least make sure your unsubscribe system is rock solid. I signed up for picsquare out of curiosity. I had actually liked them better than their competitor itasveer when I had looked at both in 2008. No longer. How can I trust my photos to a company which does not even take care to make their unsubscribe feature work. Picsquare has demonstrated that they have no respect for customers's wishes or privacy.

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