Techcrunch's Twitter Obsession : An Analysis

Twitter is one of the most written about companies by Techcrunch. Quite a lot of Techcrunch readers think that, twitter is covered way more than required. So how much coverage does Techcrunch give twitter? Below is a timeline graph from Jan 26th 2009 - May 25th 2009 showing how many twitter related stories Techcrunch has published.

Absolute Number of Twitter Related Stories

In this case absolute data is not as useful as relative data. What would be really interesting is to see whether the percentage of twitter related articles have gone up. Below is a graph showing a 7 day simple moving average of percentage of twitter related articles. Simple Moving Average was chosen to smooth out the irregularities.

Simple Moving Average of Percentage of Twitter Related Stories

I have published the data used. If you manage to uncover anything interesting from that, please let me know.

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