Top 10 Free Mac Software

There are many top 10 lists out there. Each of them is skewed by personal preferences. And here is my version

  1. Firefox Though Safari is a very capable browser, Firefox beats it in a number of departments. Firefox is better supported by various websites and the hordes of extensions available for firefox makes it a very feature rich browser but with features you want.
  2. Adium Adium is by far the best IM client on any platform. It is stable, feature rich and comes with a mind boggling variety of themes to please all those who like eye candy.
  3. Quicksilver Quicksilver is more than just an application launcher. Though the project has been abandoned for a while, rumour has it that it development work will start soon. has a series of articles on quicksilver which can help you become a quicksilver ninja !
  4. Caffeine Caffeien is small program which puts an icon on menu bar on which you can click to prevent your Mac from going to sleep,dimming the screen etc. Very useful when watching long flash movies.
  5. Windows Remote Desktop Client The updated Windows Remote Desktop Client 2 allows you to connect to windows PCs. It can store connection settings and overall the product is well designed and quite stable.
  6. Virtualbox This virtualization product from Sun Microsystems totally elimiates the need for paralles or vmware. Performance is extremely good and it has a simple UI making it a pleasure to use.
  7. MPlayer This is a video player which plays almost anything you can offer. Also comes with excellent keyboard shortcuts support making it the best video player on any platform
  8. Flip4Mac For those videos that  MPlayer plays poorly, typically WMVs Flip4Mac provides a fee codec which integrates with your quicktime player.
  9. HandBrake For ripping your DVDs to MPEG4, there is no better tool.
  10. Plex Plex is a port of XBMC to OS X. Plex can play a wide range of video, audio and photo formats as well as online streaming audio and video and also help in organizing it. This project is being heavily developed. So expect weekly releases and some minor bugs.
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