When 99.9% reliability is not good enough

Google came out with a blog post yesterday that extolled how much better off you are using Gmail ( available as part of Google Labs ) than running your own mail server. The argument that Google put forth is that average downtime of GMail is much less than if you were using products like Microsoft Exchange or Novel Groupwise. There are some fatal flaws in the Google argument.

Most people have migrated to GMail for two reasons. The best webmail interface among all competitors and to escape from the hassles of running and maintaining an email server. If the former is more important to you than the latter and if you are using Google Apps premier edition (the paid version) then you can still escape an email outage.Using Inbound Gateways and/or Dual Deployment you can route all your  email first through your mail server and also access it through GMail. If you configure your MTA to store a copy locally for every email it forwards to Gmail, you have a GMail outage proof setup. But outages of your MTA can still affect your uses as it now a single point of failure. After all, you can't have your cake and eat it too :)

Update: TechCrunch has a post on this.

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