Why Google kicks ass !

Google is an anomaly among huge corporations.

  1. They project a cool,hip and humane image.
  2. Google manages to revolutionize the areas they get into and change the rules of the game.
    • Search
      • Clean interface.
      • Clearly demarcated text only advertisements.
      • Relevant results.(Damn you search engine spammers.)
      • Fast
    • GMail
      • Clean interface.Pleasant and functional
      • Threading (Conversations)
      • Autocompletion of email addresses(it has spoiled me.I don't remember email id's anymore.)
      • Labels
      • 1 GB..Remember that Microsoft the richest software company in the world used to offer a measly 2MB.Yahoo was just marginally better.
      • Search
      • keyboard shortcuts,reply doesnÂ’t need a reload,developers who actually listen to users,large attachment size.etc etc
    • It managed to bring back the wow factor into webmail.When I first used GMail I was as excited as when I first used email.Almost everyone who has used it love it inspite of some glitches.Yahoo may offer more functionality (calendar etc) but it doesn't feel integrated and the interface is ugly compared to GMail's.What makes GMail so good ?
  3. Innovative product promotion techniques.
    • GMail was announced on April 1st.(Happy b'day GMail.I love thee).At that time 1GB surely sounded like a joke and the invite only strategy helped tremendously.Anything which is hard to get is that much more desirable.
    • The just announced increase of storage capacity to 2GB is being done in stages. Every 5 minutes or so the capacity goes up by a few MBs. It does create an excitement.Check out Mudit's blog for pics.
  4. Do no Evil ! For it's credit Google has mostly managed to stick to this policy.(The only exception which comes to mind is the firing of an employee for blogging)
  5. Their constant strive to improve their services.Yahoo on the other hand doesn't innovate unless they are forced to.(Yahoo mail for instance)
  6. Users come first policy.
  7. And many more things :)
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