Why Maddox Is Wrong About iPhone

Update: Several questions have come up why this post exists especially since maddox's post is more than a year old. The point is not to sway maddox.  Lot of people get swayed/inspired by maddox and point out to that page as the reason behind them not purchasing the iPhone. There are legitimate reasons for not buying an iPhone but maddox’s reason’s don’t cut it. This article shows why

Maddox had written a post on iPhone, essentially  labeling it worthless and proclaims that E70 as the better phone. I haven't used E70 but have used E71 which is the hottest selling E series phone right now. Maddox's post was not a review or a fair comparison. It was basically slamming the iPhone. Let us have a look at some of the criticism's/complaints.

That leaves us now  with Video, MMS , Copy/Paste , Closed Platform (Only Apple approved apps) and Non replaceable battery.  Not such a huge list of negatives  but some of these are very important factors to consider when buying a new phone.  But please don't base your decision on what maddox has said or feel good because maddox agrees with your views that iPhone is terrible. Maddox was ranting and like most rants it is heavily biased. Just because maddox is an internet celebrity does not make his rant factually correct or worth following.

There are a quite a few legitimate reasons why an iPhone would be the wrong phone for some people but "because maddox said so" isn't one of them. If you are considering E71 (which you should if want a smartphone and is not too enthusiastic about iPhone) you can read my detailed review or Joel's and come to your own conclusions.

Update: As one of the comments points out maddox wrote that article when iphone first came out and some of the software mentioned in this post did not exist then implying that maddox was right then. But that is still not true. That's because even the original iPhone users can make use of these software right now. The original iPhones haven't become obsolete. Maddox is wrong because most of the criticisms of the iPhone could and have been addressed by software updates and third party software. . But the E series still have their clunky UI and unpolished third party software. Applications and games iPhone applications leave the symbian ones in the dust in terms of both quality and value for money. For example take chess: Symbian chess games as show cased on symbian site range from $9.99 - $14.99. Compare that with Deep Green for iPhone which has a lovely UI an very competent AI for just $7.99.

There is no denying the fact that the original iPhone had some deficiencies and restrictions which had to be addressed. Maddox is wrong not because he pointed it out. He is wrong because he wrote off the device.  While apple continued innovating (Application Store) and made the iPhone a platform more than just a phone, the E series is largely unchanged.

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