Why StumbleUpon's SU.PR may not be a Super Idea

On reading the GigaOm piece about stumbleupon's newly launched url-shortener SU.PR, I was very intrigued. Here is a service that is offering click tracking (like but also helps you in getting more traffic.  It looked like  a credible alternative to Though the functionality and statistics offered by is good,  its user interface is clunky. Also in SU.PR you can schedule your tweets for maximum exposure and hence more traffic. What is there, not to like? Unfortunately repeats the mistakes of the original diggbar. Here is a sample url shortened by

The Ugly

Stumbleupon seems to have learnt nothing from the furore and backlash generated by diggbar's original practices which ultimately caused digg to backtrack. repeats the mistakes of DiggBar.

The Good

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